Want to choose better snacks?

View food as fuel instead of entertainment?

Diet/Health coaching focuses on what you really want and how to break free from useless beliefs and habits. The key to lasting weight loss or permanent exercise habits is to change your thinking and to focus on what you want.

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You set the course and decide what types of food you’d like to eat.

First we'll determine your current habits.

Are you ready to change this?

If yes, then we'll look at what's really bothering you and develop stategies to remove roadblocks or get you unstuck. You'll discover how your body reacts to different classes of food and how to eat so that you have energy throughout the day. All of this is rooted in noticing how your body feels.


Regaining Your Health Program

Expanding Your Health Program

Mastering Your Health Program

All Eating For Health Programs are tailored to your needs and lifestyle. We begin with an in-depth exploration of your past and current diet and lifestyle. Then we meet every 2-3 weeks (although some people prefer every week) for a total of 13 meetings.

Other consulting services, such as going to the supermarket with you and teaching you how to shop for healthy food or setting up a raw/living kitchen, are available upon request.

Are you ready to invite better health into your life?

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I have lost 15 lbs and feel much healthier; have also started and kept an invigorating fitness program. Also have become much more conscious of and proactively manage self-sabotaging mental habits.

MJC, Washington, DC