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Wildly Successful Fermenting ~ probiotics are HOT nowadays! Make your own for pennies!

Sprout Happy! ~ grow organic nutrient dense food for pennies using the 3 x 4 method

Wildly Successful Fermenting™: gives you step-by-step instructions, detailed photos and recipes for more than 14 recipes including:

Cabbage Rejuvalac
Grain Rejuvalac
Rejuvalac Champagne
Seed Cheese - basic, creamy, yellow, and red (non dairy)
Seed Yogurt (non dairy)
Kefir (non dairy)
Kim Chee
Pickled Vegetables

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Sprout Happy! teaches you how to grow organic, nutrient dense food in your home for just pennies and without any fancy equipment. Takes only 20 seconds per day! Yes, really! Learn the easy 3 x 4 method for superb sprouts every time! And, included, is more than 20 recipes for what to do once you've grown and harvested your sprouts in order to access peak nutrition!


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