Curious about raw food or living foods?

Raw/Living Food Consulting manages all levels of transition whether you want to be 50%, 80% or 100% raw. It starts from where you are now and builds slowly so that you can be raw in the real world. That means you can be raw AND have a social life!

Want to detox?

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You need to go slowly and have appropriate support. Many people stop detox programs because they don't know the difference between a cleansing reaction and a health concern. Part of the detox program can be to re-experience physical symptoms of illnesses. They usually pass in a day, especially if colonics are employed. Detox happens on physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels.

As you release toxins, you may notice that you release old emotions, beliefs that no longer serve you and chronic symptoms. If weight loss is also a goal, that can be incorporated. If you're afraid of losing too much weight, we can address that, too. There are healthy ways to preserve or gain weight.

I transitioned into raw foods after decades as a vegetarian and vegan in order to dissolve a tumor, heal severe arthritis, and other systemic disease. I lost weight, lost my anger, lost my depression, lost my lethargy...

What I gained is joy, weight-loss (55 lbs!), my spiritual path, and a wonderful new community. I have an active social life, work in the corporate world, and travel internationally while maintaining my raw vegan diet. I've also had to buy new clothes to accommodate shrinking from size 12 to size 2!

My raw path includes studying and applying the work of Ann Wigmore, Brian Clement, David Wolfe and my naturopath/colon hydrotherapist. I've completed the 28 day Arise and Shine Fast 1.5 times; the Blessed Herb 21 day fast; Blessed Herb Colon Cleanse fast and hold a certificate in the Living Foods Lifestyle from the Ann Wigmore Institute. I am also a certified Raw Chef.


Raw/Living Food Consulting is a structured, tailored program. We begin with an in-depth exploration of your past and current diet and lifestyle. Then we meet every 2-3 weeks (although some people prefer every week) for a total of 13 meetings.

Other consulting services, such as going to the supermarket with you and teaching you how to shop for healthy food or setting up a plant-based/raw kitchen, are available upon request.

Are you ready to invite better health into your life?

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