"Mary" struggled with eating the right foods and exercising and still not losing weight or having energy. First we quickly looked at all the typical things — portions, medical issues, what times of day eating occurred, etc. Although this was helpful, it didn’t do the trick. What did work was healing the habits around food, emotional eating issues and damaging self-messages around exercise. The result? New found knowledge and a system for applying this knowledge along with weight-loss, joy-gain, peace, contentment — and — positive changes in relationships. As a result of acting from authentic beliefs and wants, energy could easily flow and reactions to events and what other people said or thought ceased.

"Jack" struggled with stress, busy mind and not feeling grounded. We looked at common stressors and how to decrease the quantity of stress. It was pragmatic but didn’t really help since situations are usually out of our control. What did help was repatterning the energy and creating new habits to support the new patterns. The result? Clarity; an ability to let situations exist without reacting to them and increased emotional stability. The client learned that we cannot control the tide but instead of having the waves roll over us, we can surf the waves with awareness of how to balance ourselves.

"Irina" felt a bit lost. She had a number of health challenges, some debt, wasn't spending enough time having fun and wanted to change careers and be more connected to other people. First we defined her Life Purpose "to playfully create artistic community by joyfully channeling jubilant new stories saturated with energy for people." Then we systematically looked at each area of her life and noted where it was now and what it would look like when the area was aligned with her purpose. We built a habit of setting manageable goals that were aligned with her Life Purpose. We also made sure that her goals balanced "being" and "doing." At each meeting we checked how she felt, what she accomplished and how the two were related. Sometimes we used visualizations to move through a tough spot. Other times we played simple games to gain a different perspective. In the end, she developed a fitness program and lost 15 pounds and gained a new sense of health; she paid off her creditors and began saving 15% of each quarter's income; she started every day spending time with herself getting centered and found it easy to extend this outwards to develop a community and explore how this would serve her potential new career.

"Hosu" hit his knee on the threshold of a doorway and screamed in pain while we were out sailing. His breathing was shallow. I asked if he wanted help and for permission to touch. He agreed. As my hand approached his left knee, I felt immense energy radiating. It was strong, steady and dense. I checked his left ankle and could feel an energy flow. I used a technique called Pain Drain. After several minutes he said "I don't know what you're doing but it feels like I never hit my knee." We looked at his knee and there was no bruising or swelling. He reported being completely pain-free.

"Adjoa" was stressed, rating herself a 10 on a scale where 10 = most stress. "My new boss exudes negative energy and I'm exhausted trying to keep myself safe." At the end of one session she reported "that was incredible! I feel more relaxed." She rated her tension a 2 (on a scale where 10 = most tense) and her exhaustion 0 (on a scale where 10 = completely exhausted). I showed her a technique called self-chakra connection and suggested she might practice it each morning. She made another appointment.

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