Katherine Pritchett Sharon, in her endless wisdom, has a unique gift of expanding minds, shaking things up, offering fresh perspective, and lending insights--Sharon's insight is genius, with a twist of humor and spunk!. For the past year, Sharon has been an inspiration, a gift, a mentor, a coach, and an advocate for me, helping me re-discover my own intuitive wisdom and re-gain the confidence to finally pursue the life of my dreams. Without her unrelenting support and counsel, I may never have found the confidence and trust to take the ultimate risk. Her guidance gave me the the confidence to release my comfortable past and reach instead to new heights -- setting me on my path to ultimately move to California to get my Masters. Sharon speaks truths in a way that's ingenious, perfect, and humorous in the same breath! She is a miracle to all of us; I hope everyone is lucky enough to journey with Sharon on a wild adventure to ultimate success! She has a knack for knowing just what it will take to get you where you want to be! It's uncanny! :-)

Katherine Pritchett

Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor, AADP

Raw Foods Chef, Reiki Healer and Master's candidate

Virginia Lock Baran Thank you, Sharon, for your wonderful work. I feel absolutely fabulous! Very clear and light. If one needs a testimony as to whether healing touch works, my experience last night affirms that yes, indeed it can work wonders!


Virginia Lock Baran, Certified Massage Therapist

Rose Rosetree Friends, tonight I had the most wonderful opportunity to observe Sharon doing a brief coaching demonstration on "Cynthia." The words were perfect - articulate, unobtrusive, perfectly timed, delivered with wholly authentic encouragement.

Rose Rosetree, international author, speaker, aura reader and energy spirituality leader

Dr. Sue Ann Lewine I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Sharon Greenspan this week doing a "Life's Purpose" session. I had done "Soul's Purpose" a few times in the past, in a retreat settings during "peak state." The process was profound and meaningful, but didn't carry over into "real life." I have also done work where I could clearly, kinestectically feel my soul's purpose, but couldn't come up with the words. With Sharon's process, which was surprisingly easy and concise, I realize I came up with the words to define the deep knowing of my Soul. Thank You, Sharon.

Love and Light,

Dr. Sue Ann Lewine

Z Life Center for Stress Reduction and Personal Growth

She is sincere, thorough and honest. Sharon is also able to see the bigger picture, which is sometimes hard to do in this busy world.

Cat Lee, IT Specialist

I have lost 15 lbs and feel much healthier; have also started and kept an invigorating fitness program. Also have become much more conscious of and proactively manage self-sabotaging mental habits.

MJC, Washington, DC

From my view point, last Saturday's session was quite successful. I haven't had any sacral pain since you worked with me. And KB was very pleased (with her session and) that she walked all over NYC with her god daughter for 2 days at the end of last week, and her hip <still> didn't bother her!

Monica M., massage therapist with fibromyalgia

Receiving Healing Touch from Sharon, has given me insight into myself by allowing energies to be regularly aligned which allows me greater certainty as I walk on my path. I experience a greater sense of calm & serenity.

Gina Lopez, Truth-Seeker, Rockville, MD