To feel good and have energy you need three things:

  1. Awareness. You need to know where, in your body, feelings manifest. Feeling “stressed out” can occur in your gut or head or heart or other places. It can mean feeling anxious or exhausted or off-balance. You need to be able to describe it as hard, fuzzy, congested, hot or something else. Rating the feeling on a 1-to-10 scale will enable you to track progress and to remain present. Awareness lets you know what’s going on before ill symptoms become bothersome.
  2. Willingness to explore what you don’t know. I guarantee if you continue to do what you’ve been doing, you’ll get the results you’ve been getting. Exploring possibilities allows new solutions you wouldn’t think of while rooted in old patterns. Brainstorming – or bodystorming – expands your potential.
  3. Clear desire breeds commitment. Rather than “shoulds” and rules, operating from a base of what you want will allow the natural choices to support your longings and bring them to fruition.

While you may have experienced all three, what you probably don’t have is a consistent way to integrate them into your lifestyle. The latest knowledge can overwhelm you and what the “experts” tell you to do can seem at odds with your heart. How does it all work together?

Awareness, willingness, and clear desire all come together into what is called “Holistic healing.”

But what does holistic healing really mean? Good question. I’m so glad you asked! I love questions.

Holistic healing is the process of coming into a vibrant and healthy relationship with yourself on all levels, and for yourself to come into that same vibrant and healthy relationship with the people, events, and experiences outside yourself. It is the journey of finding your way home to a foundation of calm confidence and assurance which drives your decisions and actions — effortlessly — because they come from what you truly want.

Without this feeling of calm confidence, you can do the right things, eat the right foods and have the most comprehensive knowledge, but you never feel satisfied, happy or like you really have what you want.

Holistic healing combines expert information and proven methods in the form of coaching and healing when you hit walls that you can’t get past or situations that leave you exhausted, stressed and/or stymied.

Holistic healing, as provided by Wild Success®, changes your energy entirely.

So what now?

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