Although the circumstances may differ, the struggles people face are remarkably similar. See if any of these sound familiar to you:

You’ve gotten used to the stress/headache/sore back/pain and figure it’s just a stage of life. It’s lasting longer than you thought and medication or pain-relievers sometimes help. You assume it’s just part of growing older.

You’re really good at making lists. You know what needs doing and make a schedule for doing it. You even manage to handle the things that come up unexpectedly. Your energy is just not where you’d really like it to be. Even though you are tired, you don’t sleep very well or enough and you don’t have enough energy for fun.

You’ve tried alternative approaches… maybe chiropractor, acupuncture, herbs, essential oils. Sometimes it helps, at least for a while, but then you get busy or treatment gets interrupted, and the symptoms reappear.

You eat reasonably well, you try to get enough sleep and exercise. You manage to complete what you really need to do. You balance your work and family/friends. You ignore the chronic pain and so it doesn’t bother you…too much…except sometimes when you’re more stressed than usual.

You can’t turn your mind off. You have two speeds: go-go-go and stop. You know that meditation, yoga, tai chi and things like that are good for you, but whenever you try, your mind just kicks into high gear.

You eat pretty well, but there’s one habit – sugar or caffeine – and maybe a few pounds that you just can’t get rid of. Your cholesterol has increased. Or the doctor has said you are pre-diabetic. You know you should have more vegetables (and not deep fried!) but you just don’t like the way they taste or eating anything green!

No matter which of these situations you find yourself in, help is here.