Top 10 Energy Zappers

10. Having a general idea of what you want to accomplish; not getting tied down with details. While this may appear to keep possibilities open for you, in reality is prevents focus and prevents you from noticing opportunities which are exactly what you need (because "exactly" hasn't been defined).

9. Projecting the past into the future. This sets you up for expected negativity which keeps you focused on problems. It also leads to stagnation in many instances. Either you're not going to try that ever again or else you half-heartedly try and expect to have the same problems as before. Coaching works on the space between the present and the future.

8. Eating on the run. Usually poor food choices are made when you're in a hurry. You eat what's convenient, which probably has a lot of fat and sugar. You don't chew properly and your body cannot digest the food very well. Your belly feels full but your body isn't getting the nutrition it needs and is spending energy trying to digest the food rather than efficiently digesting and providing energy for you to do what you need or want to do. Coaching can provide easy, fast recipes and creates habits for eating well--even on the run.

7. Being humble. You don't want to appear too full of yourself so you brush off compliments. If something good happens it must be luck. This creates a habit of not taking credit for what happens. When you work really hard at something and accomplish an important goal you cannot fully feel great about it because you've set the habit of not taking credit for what happens. This is a missed opportunity to gain energy.

6. Accepting that things have to be a certain way. You imagine that a colleague/relative/friend took action because it seemed like the best choice at the time. Now you have to bear the consequences. You grin and bear it. This leads to more stress and means that the path of action is completely dictated by someone else. Coaching teaches you how to identify specific blocks and address them in productive ways. Turn things around. Coaching changes blocks into supports.

5. Being overly independent. Figuring out the solution or fixing the situation all by yourself means more stress and inability to consider different solutions. Coaching teaches you how to ask for what you need, from the person best able to provide it, in a way that makes their saying "Yes" most likely-

4. Outsourcing everything. Looking for answers in support groups, asking others to make decisions for you, following fads and leaders who make promises. Good might come from these paths but they are not your path. You will meet distraction after distraction and always need someone else to tell you which path to take. Coaching supports your stepping into authenticity and helps you create habits that provide more energy on a consistent basis. You learn to be interdependent instead of needy or too independent.

3. Being absolutely clear about what's happening in a situation. Looking through one lens only allows one viewpoint. It prevents you from seeing possibilities. New solutions are thwarted. Compromises (which make all partied happy and do not involve giving up or in) cannot be found. Instead, learn to see situations from multiple viewpoints -- including -- what you would like to have happen. This is key to creating your heart's desire and the outcome you want.

2. Fitting in. Always mixing with the group and matching their ideas and values causes you to always be evaluating how this is the same or different from your ideas and values. You spend energy explaining yourself and questioning how you see the world leading to internal stress. Coaching teaches you to be in tune with what serves you best. You'll effortlessly notice what you need and allow the rest to just be. You won't waste energy on what doesn't serve you.

1. Giving too much. You are being a good friend/parent/child/worker/colleague. 'Tis better to give than to receive, right? Only if you are drawing from an infinite well of energy, which most of us are not. You give as much as you can to everyone else and end up feeling resentful and exhausted. Coaching with Sharon teaches you where your infinite well is, how to dip into it and to give only after you are full of energy. You are able to give as much if not more than before and everyone wins.

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